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> To Complain or Blame: Is That the Question?
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Дата 16.11.2010 - 16:10
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I'm all about positivity. ● Belong to the International Positive Psychology Association ●Member of the Positive Health Section ●Have a website called wwwThePositivePower.net ●lecture on Creating a Positive Work Environment ●Even when I'm not completely sure about something, I still claim to be Positive!

So where does negativity fit in? Barbara Fredrickson has shown that we don'.t want to remove all negativity. A positive to negative ratio of 3:1 up to about 10:1 is associated with flourishing companies and thriving relationships. Above 10:1 there is a lack of attention to things that could be improved. Negativity calls our attention to significant issues so that we can deal with them in a constructive fashion. Examining a negative situation, as a challenge that we get the opportunity to solve or manage, rather than a problem that we are stuck with, is the key to resilience, coping, optimism and hope.

The article
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